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Welcome to Peer Reviewed Journal

Peer Reviewed Journal is an online publishing platform which houses three Journals viz: the Journal of Law and Policy, Journal of Environmental and Human Right Law and the Journal of International Trade and Contemporary Issues. The essence of this platform is to conscientiously review and publish pulsating and cutting edge researches within all areas of law.

Our journals are double blindly peer-reviewed and the Editorial Board cuts across Europe, USA and various Higher institutions in Nigeria. Our peer-review policies are highly appreciated, accepted and adaptable to all criteria prescribed by renowned international agencies. We are therefore a self-regulating and evaluation platform that ensures that publications are made to increase knowledge base and contribute to the body of knowledge rather than personal aggrandizement.

We strive to continuously empower the academic community with innovative solutions that improve how legal issues are addressed, evaluated and communicated to researchers, innovators and the public. For all intent and purposes, the peer reviewed Journal is an international journal which is managed by experts from various field of human endeavours.