It is beyond doubts that in every nation, the procurement of goods, works and services for public use have a pride of place and plays a
pivotal role in national planning, budgeting and growth. The ability of any government to efficiently acquire the resources required to meet its social, economic and developmental goals is crucial and fundamental to its sustenance and functioning. An effective management and coordination of public procurement may therefore, represent the factual test of a government’s efficacy. An
effective procurement regime also enhances steady augmentation of the economy as well as provides for a systematic accomplishment of
public development efforts. The research methodology applied was the doctrinal research method in the course of writing this paper. The paper found amongst others that in Nigeria, contracts are not carried out in such a way that will guarantee efficiency, value for
money, procurement officers in federal parastatals, Ministry, Department and Agencies (MDA) are not hired on the basis of
competency and professionalism rather they are hired on the basis of nepotism and favoritism. The different contractors are not given free level playing ground and the best are not given or awarded contracts. The paper then recommended that contract should be
carried out in such a way that will guarantee efficiency, value for money, projects should be completed as scheduled and within stipulated cost as this will help to boost the public image on the level of government accountability in Nigeria.