Women in employment all over the world have suffered several marginalisation due to the patriarchy nature of the societythat
gives male superior control in the public and private sectors. Women are often seen as inferior to men, and this has caused
women to be marginalised in all spheres of life. However, certain rights are accrued to every human irrespective of our gender or
race. The provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and ILO Convention
No.III are sacrosanct, they made declaration of rights that are inalienable to women in the work place and the above instruments
have been ratified by Nigeria and are applicable to construe the fundamental rights. This articleborders on the legal protection for
women in employment: the remedial procedure of tackling the stigma that follows the feminine gender in the workplace, the rights and privileges the Nigeria legal system accords them as women, the usurpation and abuse of the rights and the attitude of the women at work. It also unravels the traditional age long society of an African man, the inferiority complex, the supremacy tussle and the fight forgender equality. Finally, it made recommendations on how to stop women harassment and discrimination in the
workplace amongst which is that Nigeria should domesticate most Africa and United Nations instruments dealing with the rights of
women under employment especially the ratified ones, some discriminatory provisions of Nigerian laws should be amended in
order to tackle this menace.

Keywords: Protection, Women, Employment.